Wedding Plus Honeymoon

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Wedding Planner
Wedding Your Way

by Vlady M Peters, Marriage Celebrant and Author

Wedding Your Way 

If you want to enjoy your own wedding day, here’s a book which will tell you how.

In easy steps it will show you unique ways in personalizing your Wedding Day through

1. invitations 

2. decorations 

3. wedding dress 

4. bouquets 

5. and scrumptious wedding cakes

It will show you how to merge the classical with the contemporary to make your wedding ceremony a personal, elegant expression of love and commitment.

There are numerous tips on every aspect of your wedding day, 

1. every member of your wedding party, 

2. as well as wedding guests. 

It will even tell you how to arrange that happy get away when you’re ready to leave that lively wedding reception.

Here are the topics covered in this complete wedding book.

Part 1 - The Wedding Ceremony

Part 2 - The Wedding Day

Part 3 - The Bride and her Helpful Attendants

Part 4 - The Groom and his Merry Men

Part 5 - The Wedding Guest

Part 6 - The Wedding Parties

Part 7 - The Wedding Reception

Part 8 - The Wedding Memories

Part 9 - The Happy Marriage