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Wedding Ceremony Resource Book
by Vlady M Peters, 
Marriage Celebrant and Author

Over 500 Wedding Ceremony samples to help the bride and groom craft a personalised wedding ceremony.


Wedding Ceremony Resource Book includes:-

  • 1..Wedding Ceremony samples with a theme
  • 2..Wedding Vows - both traditional, contemporary
  • 3..Wedding Vows with beach theme
  • 4..Wedding Vows for the older couple,
  • 5..Wedding Vows for a couple previously married
  • 6..Wedding Vows for a couple with children
  • 7..Wedding Vows of support from family and friends


All symbolic rituals include text and include:

  • 1..Candle Lighting as a unity ceremony for the couple
  • 2..Family blending ceremony with children
  • 3..Memorial wedding ceremony for deceased or absent friends
  • 4..Rose Ceremony for the bride and groom
  • 5..Seven Steps and Seven Blessing for the couple
  • 6..Handfasting Ceremony for the couple
  • 7..Handfasting involving Maid of honour and the Best man
  • 8..Sharing a Drink by the couple
  • 9..Releasing of Doves or Butterflies
  • 10.Blessing of Hands
  • 11.Blending of Sand by couple or as a family ceremony

Wedding Ceremony samples include readings for the

  • 1. Bride and Groom
  • 2. Bride and Groom's children
  • 3. Bride and Groom's parents 
  • 4. Bride and Groom's attendants
  • 5. Support by parents and friends

All sections are divided into accessible subject matter to make the compilation of your Wedding Ceremony easier than you can imagine.

Wedding Ceremony Resource book is available as a pdf and Word Document. 

When you order the book both the pdf and Word Document will be emailed to you so you can use which ever version you prefer.

You download them to your own computer, print and bind them yourself or have Office Works do it for you.


You can also cut, copy and paste as you create your own ceremonies or booklets.