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Beach Wedding


 Wedding Planning Checklist


Beach weddings are enormously popular. Beaches at Sandgate, Scarborough and Redcliffe include parklands and gazebo for the use of the wedding party. Here are some planning hints for a beach wedding.


1.  Take a walk on the time of day, and the day of the week which you favour for your wedding day to see just how popular the beach is.


2.  If a dawn wedding appeals, check the weather forecast to ensure that your wedding day is the sunny day you expect it to be.


3.  A beach wedding ceremony can be windy and very windy. Think about your wedding hairstyle and wedding dress when planning your beach wedding.


4.  How about the tide? Do you know whether the tide will be in or out, and how it will affect the wedding site.


5.  What about that wedding march? Will it be a rocky climb down to the beach or a walk in soft sand? Consider your wedding shoes, and that of your wedding attendants.


6.  When planning your beach wedding, think of your wedding guests. Can they walk barefoot? Perhaps part of your wedding planning can be a basket where they can leave their footwear.


7.  Is there any protection from the sun? Warn your wedding guests to bring umbrellas and bring along a supply of bottled water and sun screen.


8.  Theme your wedding ceremony by including wedding rituals such as sand blending, pebble wedding wishes,


9.  Decorate the beach wedding site by outlining with sea shells, coloured stones, flower petals, protected candles