Wedding Plus Honeymoon

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Home Wedding

 Wedding Planning Checklist 


What better place to have a wedding then in your own home, where you're comfortable, and so are your guests. 


Your home wedding might be just the two of you, plus two close friends. The wedding ceremony conducted in your lounge room. Or your wedding might include all you family and friends, with the wedding guests spilling into your garden.


Here are some hints you might consider.


1.  Hold your wedding ceremony on your large verandah, shaded from the heat or the rain by an extended roof.


2.  Have a friend video your wedding ceremony so you can all watch it with the drinks and snacks later that day.


3.  Start your wedding decorating from the front gate using balloons, streamers and pot plants.


4.  Think there might be parking problems? Ask close relatives to give lifts to other guests.


5.  Check with your neighbours. They might let your guests park in their yards. In any case, let them know what's happening so that you don't find them cutting the lawn as you're exchanging wedding vows with your partner.


6.  Consider hiring a bus to drop off your wedding guests and picking them up later.