Wedding Plus Honeymoon

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1,000+ Answers to Your Wedding Questions

by Vlady M Peters, Marriage Celebrant and Author

Wedding questions answered to help you create a Perfect Wedding Day 

A lot of wedding books will tell you what to do. ‘1,000+ Answers to Your Wedding Questions’ goes further. 

It gives you wedding information you don’t even know you need, until you begin to plan your Wedding Day. 

The Wedding Day - Pros and cons 

1. Indoor Wedding or Outdoor Wedding

2. Decorating different Wedding Sites

3. Wedding Ceremony on the beach

4. Wedding Ceremony at home

5. Wedding Ceremony in a Chapel

6. Wedding Ceremony at a Club

7. Wedding Ceremony in a Public Garden

The Wedding Ceremony

1. First marriage

2. Wedding with children

3. Theme wedding

4. Traditional wedding

5. Alternative style wedding

Step by Step rehearsal hints

1. Choosing the site

2. Setting up the wedding party

3. Putting attendants, especially children, at ease

Almost 100 text samples to help you create a Personal Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony Samples

1. Wedding for young couple

2. Wedding for a mature couple

3. Involving couple's children

Readings and Blessings

1. Different Wedding themes and styles

2. Suitable for relatives of the Wedding couple

3. Suitable for Wedding attendants

4. Suitable for Wedding guests

Wedding Ceremony

1. traditional, contemporary and culturally influenced

2. Wedding Vows

3. Wedding Rings

4. Rings or tokens for children of the Wedding couple

Wedding Rituals

1. Involving parents of the Wedding couple

2. Involving children of the Wedding couple

3. Vows - traditional, personal, to children from former marriages

4. Vows for children accepting step parents

5. Exchanging rings, including rings or tokens for children

6. Numerous rituals involving the bride and groom, their parents, their children

7. Use of various props - ribbons, wine, water, roses,

8. Budget hints on how to save money on wedding services

The most complete wedding guide on HOW to plan a perfect wedding. This wedding book will be one of the cheapest, yet one of the most valuable of your purchases.