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Renewal of Wedding Vows
by Vlady M Peters. 
Marriage Celebrant and Author

Renewal of Wedding Vows is a popular way of celebrating a Wedding Anniversary. 

But whether you renew your wedding vows as part of other celebration, or just as a personal ceremony to remind you how lucky you are to have such a wonderful marriage partner, this book will help you to celebrate the event in a uniquely personal way.

With over 200 renewal of vows ceremony samples it will provide you with plenty of inspiration.

Among other thing, it explains the meaning of wedding anniversaries from the first wedding anniversary to the 75th, and how you can celebrate them.

Ceremony text for a Renewal of Wedding Vows Ceremony includes:

  • 1. Introductions
  • 2. Conclusions
  • 3. Wedding Anniversary Vows as a question
  • 4. Wedding Anniversary Vow as a promise
  • 5. Wedding Anniversary Ring exchange
  • 6. Renewal of Vows by Guests
  • 6. Support for the husband and wife by guests
  • 7. Husband's and Wife's commitment their children
  • 8. Children's dedication to their parents
  • 9. Blessing on married couples present 
  • at the Renewal of Vows Ceremony

  • Wedding Anniversary Readings on a variety of subjects suitable for a renewal of wedding vows ceremony.

Symbolic rituals with text include:

  • 1. Candle Lighting Ceremony
  • 2. Blending of Sands Ceremony
  • 3. Rose Ceremony
  • 4. Sharing Wine Ceremony
  • 5. Handfasting Ceremony
  • 6. Planting a Tree Ceremony
  • 7. Seven Blessings
  • 8. Blessing of the Hands

All sections are divided into accessible subject matter to make the compilation of your Renewal of Wedding Vows Ceremony easier than you can imagine.                                 

Renewal of Wedding Vows is available as a PDF file which will be emailed to you.

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