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Theme Certificates

If you're looking for a theme uniting the whole Naming Ceremony, here are Naming Certificates, designed for every person involved in the Baby Naming ceremony, with the one theme.


There are four sets with 17 Certificates in each set. Sets include

1. Baby Angel Theme

2. Rocking Horse Theme

3. Fairy Theme

4. Toys Theme

 Each set comprises 17 Certificates in all, they include


1. Naming Certificate for the baby

2. Certificate for baby's Dad

3. Certificate for Baby's Aunt

4. Certificate for Baby's Uncle

5. Certificate for Baby's Grandmother

6. Certificate for Baby's Grandfather

7. Certificate for Baby's older Brother

8. Certificate for Baby's older Sister

9. Certificate for the Grandparent

10. Certificate for the Grandparents

11. Certificate for Godparent

12. Certificate for Godparents

13. Certificate for Sponsor

14. Certificate for Mentor

15. Certificate for Guardian

16. Certificate for Life Guardian

17. Certificate for the Guest


In all you receive 17 Certificates, each with the same uniting theme, that you can reuse over and over again. Included is a variety of texts which you can mix and match to create a Certificate to suit your particular situation.


All Certificates are in full colour as above.


How will you receive these Certificates?


They will be sent to you as a Word Document, where you simply substitute your own details. You then can change these details for the next ceremony.


You can even change the format of the wording, if you want to. Each certificate is an A4 document that you can edit as you do the letters you write.   

17 Certificates in all for just $15 each set.

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