Wedding Plus Honeymoon

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Successful Wedding Officiant
Vlady M Peters
Marriage Celebrant and Author

To be a successful officiant you need to be both a person comfortable to be with, but also a business person.

You need to be someone who can clearly explain to the client what you're about, and what you can provide the client with. You must be able to draw out the client so that you find out what the client wants and what the client needs as well as what the client knows. 

As an officiant you might have specific guidelines as to what sort of wedding ceremony you are prepared to conduct. With these two books, you will learn what your role is as an officiant, while providing the wedding couples with a wide range of choices for a personalised wedding ceremony.

This book includes numerous samples which can go into creating a personal Wedding Ceremony. More importantly, it clarifies the various segments of a Wedding Ceremony; how to use them, where to place them to make the ceremony meaningful, significant and as unique as the couple.