Wedding Plus Honeymoon

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Wedding in a Restaurant

 Wedding Planning Checklist


There are many restaurants which have a reputation as quality wedding venues.


When you're checking this consider the following:


1.  The restaurant has an outdoor area for your wedding ceremony, and an indoor area for your reception.


2.  The proprietor will allow you to use their outdoor area for your wedding ceremony and wedding photographs without necessarily expecting you to have your reception on the premises.


3.  There are no outdoor facilities but two rooms, one of which will be set up for your wedding ceremony, the other for your wedding reception.


4.  There is only one dining room area where you will have the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception.


5.  Consider how you will set up your wedding ceremony site, whether you will be able to create a wedding aisle, and whether the photographer will be able to produce good photographs.


6.  Your wedding is very small and the proprietors won't insist on minimum numbers but you will have to share the room with other customers.