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How to be a Profitable Celebrant:
Practical Tips on Running a Profitable Celebancy Business
by Vlady M Peters, 
Marriage Celebrant and Author

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Many people are being drawn to Celebrancy as a profession. 

Apart from weddings, celebrants are performing such ceremonies as 

 1. Funerals, 

2. Baby Naming

3. Renewal of Vows Ceremonies

4. Commitment Ceremonies 

None of which require a legal appointment.

Whether you are a marriage celebrant, or a general celebrant, whether your field of interest is wholly that of performing marriages, or whether you perform many other general ceremonies, 'How to be a Profitable Celebrant: Practical Tips on Running a Profitable Celebrancy Business' is an indispensable tool to your success as a celebrant.

If you've asked yourself such questions as

  • 1. How do I start as a celebrant?
  • 2. As a celebrant what fees should I charge?
  • 3. How do I handle the telephone enquiries regarding the various ceremonies?
  • 4. How much or how little should I reveal about my resources?
  • 5. Why am I getting so few ceremony enquiries?
  • 6. How much should I spend in setting up my celebrancy business?
  • 7. How do I get myself known as a celebrant?

then you'll find the answers in this book - and a lot more besides.