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Sydney Australia Honeymoon

Sydney, Australia is the ideal honeymoon City. With an equable climate all year round, free from the troubles of other world destinations it is the target for honeymoon couples from all over the world.

Sydney has, perhaps, the most beautiful harbour in the world 

and it seems that there are water views wherever you look.

Perhaps the number one most recognizable landmark in all of Australia is the Sydney Opera House.

This building isn't one of the oldest landmarks in the world, but it is one of the most notable.  The information on the 

Sydney Opera House may surprise you in that this building has only been in existence since 1973.

When compared with landmarks like the Eiffel Tower or the 

Statue of Liberty it seems very young indeed.

The building is located at  Bennelong Point on the harbour

Here you will also see the breathtaking Sydney Harbour Bridge, another top tourist attraction.

The building was designed not by an Australian, but a Danish architect named Jorn Utzon. Utzon designed the Opera House to resemble a sailing ship, which fits perfectly with its position on the crystalline blue waters of the Sydney Harbour.

The first performance that took place in the building was War and Peace by the Australian Opera. Speaking of the Australian Opera, they are only one of the many groups that call the Opera House their home base. Others include the Australian Ballet and Bell Shakespeare Company.

There are always fabulous events going on at the Opera House which hosts thousands of events each year and gives hundreds of thousands of guided tours. 

If you want the full experience, it is recommended that you not only take in some events at the Opera House but also sign up for a guided tour which takes around two hours. 

On the tour you will get to see behind the scenes and learn more about the history and heritage of this stunning facility.

There are many hotels for honeymoon couples which provide romantic suites overlooking the harbor with views of the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The harbor is alive with all kinds of sailing and motor craft.

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