Wedding Plus Honeymoon

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Celebrating Love's Special Moments
by Vlady M Peters, Marriage Celebrant and Author

21 Special Moments, Celebrated in Special Ways

All celebrations of love are like little dramas, needing the right scenes, the right script, the right players. 

Celebrating Love’s Special Moments is all about taking the event and placing it in the right context, with the appropriate accoutrements, to allow the players to make of it something to remember.

It deals with both formal and informal celebrations that surround love, whether expressed as a legal commitment, such as a wedding, or an emotional one such as retirement. 

To the old well -known occasions have been added a few innovations, including the celebration of separation when disillusioned partners are ready to break away; perhaps even willing to search out another love.

So, wherever the readers happen to be in life right now - 

in love and loving it!, married and deliriously happy at it, bringing home a bundle of joy and amazed at their cleverness at producing it, separating and ready for self-discovery - this book is for them. 

Whether rich or poor, young or mature, party animal or just animal, this book will show how to celebrate love as an individualist, how to celebrate it as a traditionalist, and how to enjoy it irrespective.

Part One

The Event

1. St Valentine’s Day

2. The Engagement

3. The In-Laws

4. The Bridal Shower

5. The Bridesmaids’ Party

6. The Bucks’ Party

7. Rehearsal Dinner

8. Viewing the Gifts

9. The Wedding

10. The Honeymoon

11. Open House

12. Blessing of the House

13. Wedding Anniversary

14. Renewing of Vows

15. The Commitment

16. Baby Naming

17. Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day

18. Separation

19. Retirement

20. Empty Nest - Alone but not Lonely

21. Ashes to Ashes - Celebrating Life

Part Two

1. Setting the Scene

Part Three

1. Catering