Wedding Plus Honeymoon

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Romantic Comedy

Californian Poppy: A Love Story

by Vlady M Peters, Author Celebrant  

When Helen gets a marriage proposal from Craig Rush whom she hardly knows, she wonders if it's some sort of a joke.

But almost immediately the joke turns sour.

Sheila, her employer and Godmother who chose her name after the world's greatest beauty – Helen of Troy - on hearing about the engagement, hits the roof. As far as she's concerned, the day she sees Helen with Craig Rush, will be the day their friendship ends.

Helen's own mother claims that Craig Rush has destroyed the lives of three people she knows personally.

Amanda, her best friend and flat mate seems to know something about Craig, but is volunteering nothing.

And according to Craig's own family, Craig was not only thrown out of the family home, but his father – a well-known jeweller – cut him out of his will.

Who is this man? In the business world he is viewed as an entrepreneurial genius. Women magazines have named him the most eligible bachelor. To Helen he appears to be the soul mate she's been waiting for all her life.

Is the practical and level headed Helen, who up to date has avoided the pitfalls of self-destructive relationships, about to make the biggest mistake of her life?