Wedding Plus Honeymoon

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Wedding in the Backyard

A backyard Wedding can be as simple or as formal as you choose.

You might choose to exchange your wedding vows under the blue sky, with your guests standing around. If the weather is likely to be very hot, or there is the possibility of a storm, either ensure that you have a verandah, or space under the house to transfer to in an emergency.

Or you might prepare for the worst, and hold the wedding in a tent. This can be the simple tarpaulin or a hired marquee.

A wedding arch or a gazebo will add a bit of glamour to the area where you're going to exchange your wedding vows and your wedding rings. You might even consider a small runner for the wedding march, or outline the path with petals, flowers, or pot plants.

Decorate your backyard, and even the outside of your house with fairy lights, streamers and colourful balls, flowers and pot plants. In particular, if the wedding is taking place in the evening, have a few spotlights aimed at the important parts of the backyard, such as the table for the signing of the wedding certificate, or where you're going to stand when exchanging your wedding vows.

Having a theme wedding? Your backyard wedding is the perfect place for you to decorate with a purpose. If part of your wedding ceremony includes Handfasting, create a colour scheme with the colours of your cords and ribbons, or include all those accoutrements such as brooms, swords etc.

Some practical consideration is to use fresh flowers or greenery for decorations which don't wilt too readily.

Have portable heaters, insects deterrents, and spotlights for out of doors.

If you have pets, no matter how well behaved, for their own protection as well as the guests, lock them away, or place them in a kennel for the duration. Pets, no matter how placid usually, can become stressed at a wedding where they are faced with innumerable people, most of whom they have not encountered before.