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Naming Ceremony Resource Book
by Vlady M Peters, 
Marriage Celebrant and Author

Almost 250 naming ceremony samples is included in this book.

Consisting of over 150 pages,  the book has been divided into accessible segments to make the compiling of a baby naming ceremony not only easy but a positive delight.

Included in the book is

(a) an overview of what the baby naming ceremony is all about. 

(b) helpful advice on who to involve in a baby naming ceremony.  

(c) suggestions on a baby naming ceremony for the adopted child

(d) suggestions for symbolisms to create a visual picture 

There are readings and promises which have been divided into the following segments:-

  • 1. Readings and Promises made by Parents
  • 2. Promises by Parents to each other
  • 3. Readings and Promises by Grandparents
  • 4. Grandparents' promises to their own children
  • 5. Siblings' promises to the child
  • 5. Readings and Promises by Godparents / Guideparents / Guardparents / Mentors / Sponsors
  • 6. Readings and Promises by other friends and relatives

There are many rituals and symbolisms such as

  • 1. Candle Lighting by Parents
  • 2. Candle Lighting by Grandparents
  • 3. Godparents/Guideparents/Guardparents/ Mentors/Sponsors

Other rituals and symbolisms include

  • 1. Blessing with water
  • 2. Blessing with a shower of rose petals
  • 3. Ceremony of planting a tree
  • 4. Wishing Ceremony

Baby Naming Resource is available as a PDF file which will be emailed to you.

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