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Baby Naming Horoscope Certificates

Looking for something different and light-hearted to add to your Baby Naming Ceremony?

Here are Horoscope Certificates to commemorate the date of the baby's birth.

Four sets each set includes a theme. 

1. A sleeping baby background

2. Star sign background

3. Starry sky background

4. Scroll background

12 Certificates for each month of the year.

Each certificate includes the following:-


1. A paragraph on the personality characteristics

2. Famous people born under the particular sign

3. Lucky Gemstones

4. Lucky Colours

5. Lucky Plants

6. Lucky Metals

7. Lucky Days

8. Lucky Numbers


All Certificates are in full colour as above.

How will you receive these Certificates?


They will be sent to you as a Word Document, where you simply substitute name and date of birth of the baby, and add or delete any other details that suits the particular situation.


You can change the format, change the size, type and colour of the fonts as each certificate is an A4 Word document that you can edit as you do the letters you write.  


12 Certificates in each set for just $15 each set.

Order your Books and Certificates Here