Wedding Plus Honeymoon

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24 Complete Ceremonies:
8 Vows Renewal Ceremonies, 8 Commitment of Vows Ceremonies,
 8 Baby Naming Ceremonies

by Vlady M Peters, 
Marriage Celebrant and Author

Not quite sure what sort of ceremonies you want to perform? Dip into this book and get inspired.

24 ceremonies in all, it includes

  • 1. Eight Complete Renewal of Vows Ceremonies
  • 2. Eight Complete Commitment Vows Ceremonies
  • 3. Eight Complete Baby Naming Ceremonies

With these ceremonies at hand, it won't matter whether you  know anything about the occasion you want to celebrate. 

All of these ceremonies are complete and can be used just as they are, without any further material.

However, you can add or substitute personal details if your clients want to personalise the ceremonies with details of their own.

What can you expect from this book?  To help stimulate your own interest and imagination, there are theme ceremonies such as:-

  • 1. St. Valentine's Commitment Ceremony
  • 2. Older children participation in a Renewal of Vows Ceremony 

One of the really joyful ceremonies is the Baby Naming Ceremony. 

In this book you will find:-

  • 1. involvement of parents
  • 2. grandparents, 
  • 3. step-parents
  • 4. Godparents
  • 5. siblings

  • Visual symbolisms include
  • 1. scattering of petals, 
  • 2. blessing with water, 
  • 3. candle lighting
  • 4. Special situation ceremonies

  • Whatever part of Australia you live in, ordering this book couldn't be easier. 

24 Ceremonies is available as a PDF file which will be emailed to you.

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