Wedding Plus Honeymoon

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20 Complete Wedding Ceremonies
by Vlady M Peters, 
Marriage Celebrant and Author

'Planning a wedding ceremony? 

Here are complete wedding ceremony samples.


Included are bride and groom's special situations

  • 1. marrying for the first time
  • 2. a second marriage
  • 3. marriage with children
  • 4. marriage involving parents of the couple

Aspects of the wedding ceremony includes

  • 1. meaningful wedding rituals
  • 2. wedding vows personalised or with a wedding theme
  • 3. exchanging of wedding rings
  • 4. wedding readings including love poems, and readings with a theme
  • 5. wedding ceremony introductions
  • 6. wedding ceremony conclusions

Also among these twenty ceremonies, there are many ceremonies involving visual symbols such as:-

  • 1. handfasting
  • 2. rose ceremony
  • 3. candle lighting
  • 4. sharing a drink

Each ceremony is different and is summarised at the end in step form

Ceremony No.20

  1. * Introduction
  2. * Parental Support
  3. * Reading by Family Member
  4. * Vows of Intention posed by Bride and Groom’s siblings
  5. * Exchanging Wedding Vows
  6. * Exchanging wedding rings – prelude by Celebrant
  7. * Declaration of couples as Husband & Wife
  8. * Exchanging a Kiss
  9. * Signing of the Marriage Register
  10. * Blessing
  11. * Reading by all family members
  12. * Introduction of Couple as Husband & Wife                                 

20 Complete Wedding Ceremonies is available as a pdf and Word Document version. 

When you order the book both the pdf and Word document  will be emailed to you so you can use which ever version you prefer.

You download them to your own computer, print and bind them yourself or have Office Works do it for you. 

You can also cut, copy and paste as you create your own ceremonies or booklets.